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Recent Posts

Zapier and Gravity Forms

I recently had the opportunity to work with a great client on a website redo. The previous developer had decided to use Contact Form 7 to create some rather complex online forms. That did not work out well.

I pointed the client to Gravity Forms, a highly recommended Commercial plugin for WordPress.org sites. Using Gravity Forms, I was able to combine 4 forms into a Master Form using Conditional Logic.

Gravity Forms Addons allow for some very specific tasks to be done on form submittal. An example would be to do a ‘POST’ to a specific URL using FORM, JSON, XML (or other custom methods). The purpose of such would be to integrate your form with one of many third-party applications. The third-party application could also do a GET request to your site running Gravity Forms.

Now, add in Zapier. Zapier is one of the Gravity Form Addons, but is so much more. They create ‘Zaps’. “Zapier is an web automation tool. With Zapier you can build Zaps which can automate parts of your business or life.” An example of using a Zap at Gravity Form submittal would be to send an email, use a Web Hook to POST to a DB (yes, MS SQL and MySQL), push a file upload to Google or OneDrive, among many, many others. There are hundreds of third party developers working with Zapier, even some of the biggest!

I am currently working on a new form for this site that will help my prospective customers find out what we can do for them, what steps are needed, etc. Look for that soon.

You can see a very basic example of a Gravity Form with Conditional Login at the Contact Us Page and also below. Please feel free to use that form to get in touch with Pioneer Valley Web Design about your online forms.

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